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leads to other indonesia popular styles langgam jawa

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Unformatted text preview: to other indonesia popular styles... Langgam Jawa Langgam Jaipongan Jaipongan Sundanese Gamelan style that appears in the 1960s created by Gugum Gumbira after newly-founded Indonesia gov't (prez Sukarno) banned Western instruments and music. it uses only traditional gamelan (and it native to West Java) but its style is influenced by Western ideas on sensuality Jaipongan Jaipongan *Campursari *Campursari convolution of gamelan and "dangdut" - a style of music similar to popular music in India and the Middle East Campursari Campursari Substitution Substitution Qasidah modern Dangdut Globalized "Pop" (Western pop, J-Pop styles, etc.) Qasidah modern Qasidah Style of music that comes out of popular dance forms from Persia (musiqa). Based on morally-romantic poems (focus on romantic love, but not sensuality/sexuality) singers accompanied by Western and Middle-Eastern instruments (fiddles, mandolins, tablas, sarongs) on arrival in Indonesia, merged with Kronkong style generalized as "desert-music style", which leads to... Dangdut Dangdut comes o...
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