In terms of sound in music is not only a thing it is a

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Unformatted text preview: or not? In Terms of Sound In Music is not only a thing, it is a process. Cultural fact of the day: Every group of people in the world organize sound as "music" differently from how they organize sound for speech. Calling Something "Music" Calling Calling Something "Music" Calling Calling Something "Music" Calling The melodic chanting of the Qur'an may sound like music, but in Islamic culture, it is distinguished from "musiqa" which is secular in nature. In Islam, there is a conceptual divide between "music" and the divine. Calling Something "Music" Calling Just because something sounds like music to me, I have no right to insist that it is "music" to someone else. It is the local or even personal idea that counts. Aesthetic Values in Music Aesthetic Aesthetic Values in Music Aesthetic It is a tenet of ethnomusicologists that we will keep our ears and minds open and respect the face that many timbres are considered beautiful. Aesthetic Values in Music Aesthetic For many people, the highest value of music is placed on affect, that is, its endemic expressive capacity. Vocal Example 1 Vocal Vocal Example 2 Vocal Vocal Example 3 Vocal Aesthetic Values in Music Aesthetic In the end, aesthetic value is relative to the cul...
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