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Music as language music these qualities are dependent

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Unformatted text preview: often times the text is poetic and narrative in nature. Music as "Language" Music Text-setting brings out qualities of language not possible in spoken language. Music as "Language" Music These qualities are dependent on an understanding of the spoken language as well as audible cultural signifiers. Music as "Language" Music Music can add subtext or expressive content to words for spiritual, (counter-)political and social functions. Music as "Language" Music Music as "Language" Music Not all text-setting is designed to be clearly understood. Sometimes text is chosen solely because of its mystical or spiritual qualities. Music as "Language" Music Javanese gamelan vocal music uses archaic texts that are sung very slowly, disintegrating any semantic meaning. What remains is the understanding that the texts are ancient and by singing these words, the ensemble creates a connection with the deep past. Indonesian Gamelan Indonesian Music as "Language" Music Words and their meanings may change over time even if the music Words and their meanings may change over time even if the music remains exactly the...
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