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Unformatted text preview: ein •  Most patients are treated successfully with Gleevec today •  Patients who are treated have little side effects from the drug because it doe not target any other protein in the cell What can genomics do? •  CML – BCR/ABL fusion can be targeted by a drug, Gleevec™, which can have positive impact in these patients. •  HER2 positive tumors are treated with Herceptin™ is another product to come from cancer genomics research. –  This drug can effectively treat a signiUicant number of breast cancer patients whose tumors produce too much of a protein called HER ­2. •  Data from TCGA on kidney cancer identiUied genetic changes that might explain •  why some patients with recurring tumors are resistant to treatment with the standard drug used to treat the disease. •  Together these examples show that an understanding of different cancer genomes can provide clues that lead to improvements in cancer care. Personalizing Cancer Treatment •  Once the cancer genomes are determine •  doctors can use genomic proUiles, also called signatures, of individual patients •  to identify patients with speciUic types or subtypes of cancer •  to have a different clinical outcomes and respond better to different treatments. Why Care About Nucleic Acids? Decoding Life for Human Health: The Human Microbiome Project BCHS4306 – Lecture 1 And we thought that infectious disease in only a problem of the third world!!! Ion Torrent •  $50,000 sequencing instrument •  $60,000 sample preparation instrument •  Samples from 100 individuals can be multiplexed into one slot and the entire microbiome sequenced for $5/sample in 4 hours! Metagenome: The new frontier •  Defining the metagenome of healthy individuals and the changes in these genomes in the context of human disease is a new frontier in human genetics. •  The human body contains over 10 times more microbial cells than human cells. •  Human Metagenome = The complete set of microbial genomes found in human The Metagenome Project •  The goal of the Human Metagenome Project is to characterize all the microbiota that occupy the human body •  And the study of its variation in relation to –  –  –  –  –  –  different populations different genotypes in the same population different diseases age nutrition medication and environment •  and therefore opening avenues to modify our microbiomw to optimize the health and well- being of any individual. Window of opportunity •  Commercializing a diagnostic test that would allow a hospital or doctors office to determine every single infectious agent 4 hours •  Will transform healthcare...
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