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Unformatted text preview: RNA primers on the okazaki fragment •  DNA polymerase III –  5’ ­ 3’ DNA polymerase activity, on a primed DNA template –  Closing the gaps on the lagging strand Problem6 •  Unwindingthedoublehelix •  MaintainingsinglestrandedDNA •  Relaxingsupercoils DNAstrandelongation:otherproblems •  Unwindingthedoublehelix –  Helicases=disrupthydrogenbondswhichholdtwostrands together. •  Maintainingthesinglestrandsandpreventingtheduplex fromreforming –  Singlestrandedbindingproteins(SSB) •  Relaxingthesupercoilsformsbytheunwindingofthe doublehelixbythehelicases. –  Topoisomerases •  BreakssupercoiledDNAaheadofthereplicationforkviaa singlestrandedbreakordoublestrandedbreak. •  RelaxesthesupercoilsbyrotatingDNA. •  Rejoinsthebreakstoformacontiguous...
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