Mitosis somatic cell division 2 meiosis gametogenesis

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Unformatted text preview:   Injury and repair • Cancer •  Degeneration FUNDAMENTAL PROPERTIES OF DNA •  Encode traits •  Self ­Replication •  Mutation •  Transmission of traits 6 The Goal Transmission of genetic material 1.  Mitosis – Somatic cell division 2.  Meiosis  ­ Gametogenesis The Human Genome is made up of 23 sets of chromosomes Male Female TheEssenceofMitosis: Parent(2n)toDaughtercells(2n) 4n 2n 2n Metaphase HomologousChromosomespairatthe metaphaseplate Anaphase Centromeresdivideandsisterchromatids split 9 TheEssenceofMeiosis: Parent(2n)toDaughtercells(1n) 2n 1st division! 2nd division! gametes! 2n 2n n 2n n n n Eachgametecontainsonlyonecopyofachromosome HomologouschromosomespairduringmeiosisI 10 Meiosis  ­ Gametogenesis Spermatogenesis&Oogenesis 11 Fe...
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