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Unformatted text preview: rtilizationandDevelopment n+n (Haploid) 2n (Diploid) 12 DNAreplicationineukaryotes Tightlycoordinatedwiththecellcycle 13 TheMechanismfordoubling DNA •  DNAReplication •  Accuracyandspeedarekey requirements DNAReplication •  Initiation •  Elongation •  Formationofreplicationfork •  Termination •  Telomereshortening/lengthening A.ReplicationInitiation Problem1 ­‑Wheretostart? •  OriginofReplication –  Replicationbeginsattheoriginsofreplication –  Prokaryoteshaveoneoffeworiginsofreplicationdefinedbya specificsequence –  EukaryoticDNAhasMultipleOriginsofReplication–isnot basedonspecificsequence 16 DNAPolymerization: Problem2–Needsaprimedtemplate+enzymes+nucleotides Template 1.  AtemplatestrandofDNAtocopy 2.  DNApolymeraseIIIandI 3.  A...
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