Allelespecific oligonucleotide aso assay is commonly

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Unformatted text preview: wing is true about the fetus? a. The fetus has a 50% chance of being a male b. The fetus is definitely a female with Turner syndrome c. The fetus is XXY and has Klinefelter’s syndrome d. The fetus is definitely a male e. The fetus is an XXX female and is normal Answer: a 24. Shown below are restriction maps of wild type and mutant DNA from a patient. The mutation led to a change in the restriction map and was shown to be a recessive X ­linked mutation. A family came in for prenatal testing because they have an affected child. Person 1 = Mother, Person 3 = Father, Person 2 = Unborn fetus, Person 4 = Affected child. Which of the following is true about the parents? a. They are both carriers of the mutation b. One is a carrier of the mutation and the other is normal c. Neither parent is a carrier...
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