Dna polymerase i d dna polymerase iii e all of the

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Unformatted text preview: es between RNA and DNA b. It is the group on the branch site, which attacks the 5’ ­GU splice donor site in an intron c. It is the group that is important for growing an RNA chain during transcription d. It is responsible for forming the lariat structure e. None of the above Answer: c 12. Which of the following is essential for DNA synthesis? a. The 3’ ­OH on the growing strand 3 b. The 5’ ­phosphate on the nucleotide triphosphate that is being incorporated c. DNA polymerase I d. DNA polymerase III e. All of the above Answer: e 13. Which of the following DNA repair methods is certain to result in a mutation? a. Double stranded break followed by non ­homologous end joining b. Double stranded break followed by homologous recombination c. Nucleotide excision repair d. Base excision repair e. Mismatch repair Answer: a 14. Shown below is a double stranded DNA region that needs to be...
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