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Unformatted text preview: of the mutation d. Both parents are affected with the disease 7 e. One of the parents is affected with the disease Answer: b 25. Which of the following could be True? a. The affected child is a male b. The affected child is a female c. The affected child is a male with Klinefelter’s Syndrome d. a and c e. b and c Answer: a 26. Allele ­specific oligonucleotide (ASO) assay is commonly used in DNA diagnostic assays. Dad (person A) and Mom (Person D) are carriers of mutation which gives rise to an autosomal recessive disorder. They already have one affected child (Person B). What is likely to be the phenotype of the unborn fetus (Person C)? a. Affected with disease b. Normal c. Carrier d. b and c e. None of the above Answer: b 27. What is the C ­value paradox? a. The number of chromosomes does not reflect ge...
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