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Unformatted text preview: orks RNA Editing RNA Editing Mechanisms & Enzymes 1. A­to­I (Adenine to Ionosine) – Adenosine deaminases (ADAR) 2. C­to­U (deamination of cytidine to uridine) – APOBEC enzymes 3. U­insertion/deletion – Terminal Uridinyl Transferase (TUTase) Lac Operon Lac Operon Lactose Present 40 Lac Operon Lac Operon 1. Constitutive Mutations: Operator mutations 41 Oc is dominant over O+ 42 Lac Operon Lac Operon 1. Constitutive Mutations: Inducer mutations 43 I+ is dominant over I­ 44 Lac Operon Lac Operon 2. Super­repressor mutations – Inducer mutations 45 Is is dominant over I+ 46 Catabolite Repression Catabolite Repression The Lac operon is repressed in the presence of glucose 47 Catabolite Repression: Catabolite Repression: Lac operon 48 Arabinose Operon Arabinose Operon Dual positive negative control 49 Tryptophan Operon Tryptophan Operon 3. Attenutation • The trp mRNA leader sequence contains an attenuator region. • Followed by two Trp operons. 50 Attenutation­Tryptophan Operon Attenutation­Tryptophan Operon 51 Chromatin silencing • Global Gene regulation – – Maintains chromatin in ‘...
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