gaba inhibition of action potentials glutamate

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Unformatted text preview: ion, reward; Substance P: pain perception.; GABA: inhibition of action potentials; Glutamate, enhances action potentials; Dopamine, reward and motivation; Grey matter, cell bodies; white matter, axons; afferent, sensory neurons; efferent, motor neurons; Dendrites receive Cell body decides Axon transmit Myelin sheath insulates Terminal buttons transmit. Each cerebral hemisphere has four lobes: occipital (vision), parietal(hearing, memory), temporal(auditory info and memory) and frontal(planning, directing, movement, thoughts); prefrontal cortex: attention, working memory, decision making, social behavior, personality. Pituitary gland: sends hormonal signals controlling the release of hormones. Endocrine system: communication system, use hormones. Sympathetic division of ANS(body’s internal environment): prepares body for action; Parasympathetic division of ANS: returns body to its resting state....
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