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Meme a unit of knowledge transferred within a culture

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Unformatted text preview: ental representation of an environment. Meme: a unit of knowledge transferred within a culture. Law of effect: behavior leading to a satisfying state of affairs will more likely occur again; vice versa. Chapter 5: gestation, taste; olfaction, smell; haptic, touch; rods, grey; cones, colour; cornea, outer covering; retina, inner surface; – colour mixing: red+blue=purple; + colour mixing: red light + blue +green=white light; kinesthetic sense: limb in space; vestibular sense: balance. Dorsal, where; ventral, what; prosopagnosia, can’t recognize faces; binocular depth perception v.s. monocular depth perception; occlusion, blocks; relative size, familiar size; linear perspective, lines converge toward horizon; texture gradient, position relative to horizon. Touch, parietal lobe; smell, taste, hearing, temporal lobe; vision, occipital lobe. face perception: fusiform gyrus; Chapter 3: agonist: enhance the action of a neurotransmitter; antagonist, inhibits. reuptake, enzyme deactivation(enzyme destroys neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft), and autoreception(stop the release of neurotransmitters); Hypothalamus, regulate body temperature, blood pressure, etc; Thalamus, all incoming sensory information goes through here before cortex; Hippocampus, storage of new memory; Amygdala: learning to associate things with emotional responses(arousal); Basal Ganglia, planning and producing movement; Cerebellum, balance and movement(bicycle); Acetylcholine, motor control, muscles and nerves, learning, memory, sleeping and dreaming; Epinephrine, energy; Norepinephrine: arousal, alert; Serotonin: emotional state; Endorphins: pain reduct...
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