Pain is process in the same area of the brain as

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Unformatted text preview: en depressed. Pain is process in the same area of the brain as stress, fear, etc. positive moods help cope with pain. Distraction is the easiest way to reduce pain; visualize pain as something more pleasant. Hearing: Stimuli- receptor (eardrum vibrate, ossicles vibrate, oval window vibrates, hair cells, cochlea, auditory nerve)—pathway to the brain (thalamus, primary auditory cortex)—perception. Vision: very little of what we see occur in the eye. The eye sends visual images to the brain not as a complete picture, but in bits of information transmitted through neural signals. Retina, two types of receptor cells, rods and cones. Cells in the retina: bipolar, amacrine, and horizontal cells. Ganglion cells, the first cells in the visual pathway to generate...
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