Taste experience occurs in the brain individual food

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Unformatted text preview: of smell. Taste experience occurs in the brain. Individual food preferences, culture preferences (begin in the womb). Smell: ordor- olfactory receptors- olfactory epithelium- olfactory bulb- olfactory nerve- cortex and amygdale- perception. Touch: Why can’t we tickle ourselves: touch sensation respond less to self-produced tactile stimulation. Two kinds of nerve fibers: fast fibers for sharp, immediate pain; slow fibers for chronic, dull, steady pain. Gate control theory: : for us to experience pain, pain receptors must be activated and a neural gate in the spinal cord must allow the signals through to the brain. We can open or close the gate. Player play through pain without even realizing it. Stimuli- receptors-pathway to the brain= somatosensory cortex More painful wh...
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