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Unformatted text preview: rom flowing down the well. If the cement job has gone as planned, the cement should be in the correct place in the annulus and should fill the shoe track when the top plug lands. B. Cement Design and Modeling BP worked with Halliburton to design the parameters of the Macondo cement job. Because of the lost returns BP had encountered throughout the drilling of the Macondo well, BP focused on reducing the chance of additional losses during the final cement job. BP sought to minimize these losses by reducing the volume of cement it pumped into the well, lowering the rate at which cement was pumped into the well and using a nitrified cement slurry for part of the cement job. As discussed further below, use of lower density nitrified foam cement offered advantages in terms of reducing the risk of formation breakdown, but also presented technical challenges in ensuring that the cement mixture is stable. 89 1. Cement Volume BP chose to limit the height of the cement in the annulus because the higher the annular cement column, the more pressure the cement would exert on the formation below, inc...
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