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Unformatted text preview: were at Houma, additional centralizer components, including stop‐ collars and epoxy were not available. 108 Oldfather further testified that a BP representative told him that the additional components would be shipped to the rig by boat. 109 On April 16, Oldfather flew to the Deepwater Horizon with the 15 centralizers and waited for the other centralizer components to arrive. 110 When the 15 centralizers arrived on the rig, Brian Morel examined them and told John Guide, the BP wells team leader, that the 15 centralizers did not have stop collars on them but that they would have “plenty of time” for the stop collars to be delivered to the rig. 111 BP had planned to send the additional centralizer components by boat, which was to arrive the afternoon of April 16. By 10:00 p.m. on that date, the boat had not arrived. 112 On the morning of April 17, Morel told Oldfather that BP would run only the six centralizers with built‐in stop collars that BP already had available on the rig. Oldfather testified that he never determi...
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