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Unformatted text preview: bris. The reamer shoe ports can also become plugged as they are lowered into the hole. When lowered, the shoe ports can scrape against the open hole section, which can force debris into the shoe ports and clog them. BP’s Brian Morel told BP investigators that he believed at the time of the attempted float collar conversion that the reamer shoe was plugged. BP‐HZN‐MBI00021304. 119 120 52 The Panel found additional evidence that a blockage may have been present at the beginning of the production casing cement job. 125 Earlier in the procedure, the crew landed a bottom wiper plug on the float collar in order to establish a separation between fluids (spacer and mud) already present in the well and in order to prevent contamination of the cement. After the wiper plug landed on the float collar, pressure was applied to rupture a burst disk in the wiper plug, which would allow circulation of the cement job to continue. The burst disk was designed to rupture at between 900 psi and 1,100 psi, but the disk did not actually rupture until the pressure reached 2,900 psi. BP might have been able to reduce the likelihood of flo...
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