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Unformatted text preview: flow through the annulus. On September 11, following installation of the lock‐down sleeve, BP successfully pressure tested the lock‐down sleeve seal to 5,200 psi, which indicated that the well hanger was properly seated because otherwise, annular flow would have lifted the hanger. 155 On September 22, Schlumberger used an isolation scanner tool to log the characteristics of fluid in the annulus between the mud line and 9,318 feet measured depth. 156 This log evaluated, among other things, whether the fluid in the annulus included “free gas.” Based on the logging data, Schlumberger determined that free gas was not present in the annulus below the BOP. The absence of free gas in the annulus provides strong evidence that hydrocarbons were not present in the annulus during the blowout. On October 7, the intervention team perforated the 9‐7/8 inch production casing between 9,176 feet and 9,186 feet to monitor pressure and returns. 157 The drilling mud in the interior of the casing at the time was appro...
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