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Unformatted text preview: h production casing and related components that comprise this string above the top wiper plug were most likely leak‐free. Like Scenario 1, Scenario 2 posits that hydrocarbons flowed through the annulus. Forensic evidence gathered during well intervention efforts casts substantial doubt on this theory. As discussed above, the Panel found no evidence of erosion of the hanger and seat assembly. Had hydrocarbons flowed along this path, erosion effects likely would have been visible. In addition, as mentioned above, logging data show that free gas was not present in the annulus below the BOP. For all of these reasons, the Panel does not believe that Scenario 2 represents a likely explanation for the flow path of hydrocarbons during the blowout. Smith Report at 8. 159 65 Scenario 3: Production Casing Shoe Track Under this scenario, hydrocarbons would have flowed from the reservoir through the casing shoe, into the well and up the riser to the rig. For this flow path to have occurred, the shoe track cement would have failed. A number of fa...
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