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Unformatted text preview: wners, operators, and their contractors and subcontractors. 30 CFR § 250.400. For ease of reference, this portion of the report will use “operator” to mean all of these entities, unless otherwise specified. 399 30 CFR § 250.146(c). 396 397 158 Submit the following forms to the District Manager: (1) An original and two complete copies of Form MMS‐123, Application for a Permit to Drill (“APD”), and Form MMS‐123S, Supplemental APD Information Sheet; (2) A separate public information copy of forms MMS‐123 and MMS‐123S that meets the requirements of 250.186; and (3) payment of the service fee listed in § 250.125. 400 Upon receipt of the APD, MMS personnel reviewed it to determine whether it was complete, satisfied the relevant regulatory requirements and contained no errors. MMS personnel also assessed whether the applicant’s oil spill financial responsibility coverage was current. MMS used a secure, electronic filing system called e‐Well to process and review APDs. MMS district engineers were responsible for reviewing APDs submitted through the...
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