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Unformatted text preview: epare a training plan laying out the company’s training philosophy including the type, method, length, frequency and content of its training program. Under this rule, MMS did not review and approve the training providers nor did it specify the content of the training program. Rather, the lessee/operator was responsible for determining the content, length, and frequency of training programs. Since implementing this performance‐based approach, MMS has used a series of measures to periodically assess the quality of operator and contractor training programs. Such assessments have included a review of operator training plans, records, and methods. MMS has also reviewed the ways in which operators verified the training conducted by contractors. After the Macondo blowout, BOEMRE reviewed BP’s training plan, on‐ line training records, the methods by which BP evaluated Transocean and the methods by which BP verified that contract personnel were trained. BOEMRE also reviewed the contractor evaluation of Transocean. BP required all individuals with well control responsibilities (both BP employees and contractor empl...
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