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Unformatted text preview: in operations at Macondo. After the March 8 incident, BP had to abandon the wellbore (leaving behind a number of costly drilling tools) and perform a bypass to continue drilling the well. 171 Responding to the kick and conducting the bypass operation resulted in additional cost and timing delay for the Macondo well. Except for one person, the rig personnel involved in kick detection and response on March 8, including a mudlogger, drillers, assistant drillers, a senior toolpusher, and toolpushers, were the same individuals on duty on April 20 when the blowout occurred. 172 BP‐HZN‐MBI00113015. BP‐HZN‐MBI00113017. 170 BP‐HZN‐BLY00036098. 171 A bypass or sidetrack operation is performed by drilling a directional hole to bypass an obstruction in the well. 172 One of the mudloggers on duty on April 20 was not involved in the March 8 kick. 168 169 77 B. Scheduling Conflicts and Cost Overruns As the Deepwater Horizon crew prepared to complete operations at the Macondo well, they were significantly behind schedule. BP stated, in a submission to MMS, that the Deepwater Horizon would arrive at BP’s Nile well (the next well after Macon...
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