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Unformatted text preview: . In a post‐blowout interview, Gregg Walz stated that, at the time, he “was concerned about last minute changes and he wanted to get work done earlier.” 191 On April 12, Sepulvado emailed Brian Morel to ask for temporary abandonment procedures. 192 Morel’s subsequent emails revealed that he still had not completed the temporary abandonment procedures and was still not sure whether the Macondo drilling team would set the lock‐down sleeve during temporary abandonment. 193 There was evidence that members of the Macondo team were concerned about operations at Macondo. Morel emailed his wife on April 14 that he had to go offshore to the Deepwater Horizon rig because “our normal WSL [well site leader] is heading in and the new guy is good, but not in tune with the well so I need to go out and make sure they follow every step as any deviations could lead to us not getting a good cement job and having to do a lot of remedial operations.” 194 In the days immediately prior to the blowout, the content...
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