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Unformatted text preview: egrity Testing 1. Negative Pressure Test – Planned Procedures A negative pressure test is critical because it tests the integrity of the bottom hole cement job, the wellhead assembly, the casing, and all of the seals in the well. The negative test seeks to create conditions that simulate what will occur after the well is temporarily abandoned. Heavy drilling mud is displaced with spacer fluid and seawater. The displacement invites the well to flow as a way of testing well integrity. 209 The wellbore fluids are replaced such that the wellbore is underbalanced against the formation pressures for the purpose of testing the barriers that are in place. There are a number of alternative ways a rig See 42 U.S.C. 6921‐6939f (the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) and 40 CFR § 261.4(b)(5) (exemption for drilling fluids). 207 Lindner testimony at 296‐298. 208 Robinson testimony at 96. 209 Review of Operation Data Preceding Explosion on Deepwater Horizon in MC 252, Dr. John Smith, 7/1/10 (Smith Report). 206 88 crew can conduct an accurate negative te...
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