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Unformatted text preview: determine when to initiate emergency disconnect actions. 298 The Panel found no evidence that there was any attempt to activate the blind shear rams or the emergency disconnect system from the driller’s panel. Chris Pleasant, the Transocean subsea engineer, attempted to initiate emergency disconnect actions from the bridge and said, “everything in the panel did like it was supposed to at the panel…I had no hydraulics.” 299 Pleasant said that the panel went through its sequence after the explosions, but the rig was unable to disconnect the riser and lower marine riser package from the BOP stack. Transocean Well Control Manual, TRN‐USCG_MMS00043810. Transocean Well Control Manual, TRN‐USCG_MMS00043810. 298 Testimony of Carl Smith, Joint Investigation Hearing, October 8, 2010, at 21. 299 Pleasant testimony at 123. 296 297 108 IX. Conclusions on Temporary Abandonment, Kick Detection, and the Emergency Response A. Kick Detection and Response Failure Cause At approximately 9:42 p.m., the crew detected flow and diverted the gas in...
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