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Unformatted text preview: nd upper variable bore ram when the hydrocarbons were past the stack. There is also evidence that Chris Pleasant, Transocean subsea engineer, attempted to activate the emergency disconnect system some time after the explosions had disabled communications with the BOP stack. The rig crew’s 113 failure to initiate the emergency disconnect system until after the hydrocarbons were past the BOP stack was a possible contributing cause of the response failure. The Deepwater Horizon operated a manually‐functioned general alarm system. If the general alarm of the Deepwater Horizon had been set to automatically sound when “high‐high” gas alarms sounded in multiple compartments of the rig, personnel in the pump room likely could have moved to a location where their chances of survival were greater. The “inhibited” general alarm system was a possible contributing cause of the response failure. Transocean’s senior dynamic positioning officer and dynamic positioning officer were not trained for the events they faced on...
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