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Unformatted text preview: ed to understand. We have no engine control room]. Itʹs gone. It has blown up. Engine Number 3 for sure has blown up.” 308 Willie Stoner, a motorman, who was in the engine control room, testified: As it was roaring, the Number 3 engine you could hear the Number 3 engine, which would be right here (indicating) started revving up. And, as soon as it started revving up, it started a load down change over. In other words, itʹs supposed to kick off Testimony of Douglas Brown, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 26, 2010 at 93‐94, 97. Williams testimony at 13. 308 Id. at 18. 306 307 118 the line…[a]nd, as soon as it did that, I could see ‐‐ well, Doug [Brown] said ʺSomething ainʹt right.ʺ…And, as he said that, about that ‐‐ as soon as he stated that, he turned and came right over to the console just to look at the screen. And, within seconds of that, I saw roughly three, maybe five [emergency shut‐downs] on the very bottom of the panel start flashing. I donʹt know if somebody set them off or if ‐‐ Thatʹs emergency shut downs. I...
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