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Unformatted text preview: he mud gas separator. Micah Sandell, a crane operator, who was in the port aft deck gantry crane, testified that “all the sudden the degasser is – mud started coming out of the degasser” and “it [came] out of it so strong and so loud that it just filled up the whole back deck with a gassy smoke and it was loud enough that ‐ itʹs like taking an air hose and sticking it to your ear. Then something exploded.“ 312 Paul Erickson, a dynamic positioning officer, who was on the bridge of the Damon Bankston, testified: Shortly after 9:30, I observed a cascade of liquid coming out of the rig, the area of the drilling gear. * * * Shortly after the – after 9:30, after the, I saw the liquid coming out the bottom of the rig, I heard what I thought at the time was a pressure tank unloading. Itʹs not uncommon to dump the air out of a pressure tank, but it lasted maybe 20, 30 seconds, which was not an unusual occurrence, but I mentally categorized it as an unloading, which was not an exception. In fact, it escaped m...
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