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Unformatted text preview: was on location at the Macondo well, and they issued no Incidents of Non‐Compliance (“INCs”) following inspection of rig floor electrical equipment. No witness testimony or other evidence identified any failure by Transocean to subject the electric equipment in designated hazardous areas to the appropriate safeguards. Testimony of Alwin Landry, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 11, 2010, at 99‐100. 315 122 2. Friction and Mechanical Sources Mechanical sparks occur when there is excessive friction between metals or extremely hard substances. As the two substances rub against each other, small particles are torn from the surfaces. 316 At the time of the blowout, the rig floor crew was investigating the drill pipe pressure differential, an activity not likely to cause friction. Chad Murray, chief electrician on the Deepwater Horizon, was in the electrical shop on the port side of the third deck. Murray saw others working on the number 2 mud pump prior to the explosion. 317 The electrical shop is approximately 50 feet away from the number 2 mud pump. None...
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