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Unformatted text preview: ignition unless a spark was available. Additionally, the electrical equipment located on the weather deck (top deck) is typically sealed against the exposure of the offshore environment. The Panel found no evidenced that non‐hazardous area sources were the cause of the explosion. 4. Electrostatic Discharge Electrostatic charge or static electricity occurs in many industrial operations. Static discharges are responsible for many industrial fires and explosions caused by static electricity. Hydrocarbon gases are extremely vulnerable to static discharge ignitions that may often be undetectable by human sight or hearing. There Panel found no evidence of electrostatic discharge, but it cannot be ruled out as a possible source of ignition in the explosion. 128 XII. The Deepwater Horizon BOP Stack A BOP stack is a series of rams and annulars situated at the top of a well that the rig crew can close if it loses control of formation fluids. BOPs come in a variety of configurations, sizes and pressure ratings...
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