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Unformatted text preview: ect of the LMRP from the lower BOP stack. A poppet valve Id. Id. The AMF is usually designed for events such as the riser parting. If the riser parts at the lower flex joint or some other part of the riser system, the AMF sequence is designed to activate to seal the well. 333 334 134 was located between the LMRP and the lower BOP that would fire in the event the LMRP was raised accidentally. This enabled 4,000 psi closing pressure to be applied to the BSR through the dedicated accumulator bottles located on the lower BOP stack. This would seal the wellbore in spite of the loss of conduit supply pressure from the surface. F. Forensic Examination of the BOP 1. Retrieval and Transport of the BOP to Michoud After the uncontrolled flow of hydrocarbons from the Macondo well was stopped, a team directed by the Unified Area Command and the JIT worked to retrieve the Deepwater Horizon BOP stack from the sea floor, using the Q4000 vessel. The team successfully retrieved the BOP stack on September 4, 2010. The JIT took a...
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