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Unformatted text preview: izon to move to BP’s Nile well by March 8, 2010. In large part as a result of this delay, as of April 20, BP’s Macondo operations were more than $58 million over budget. Personnel changes and conflicts. BP experienced a number of problems involving personnel with responsibility for operations at Macondo. A reorganization that took place in March and April 2010 changed the roles and responsibilities of at least nine individuals with some responsibility for Macondo operations. In addition, the Panel found evidence of a conflict between the BP drilling and completions operations manager and the BP wells team leader and evidence of a failure to adequately delineate roles and responsibilities for key decisions. At the timeof the blowout, both BP and Transocean had extensive procedures in place regarding safe drilling operations. BP required that its drilling and completions personnel follow a “documented and auditable risk management process.” The Panel found no evidence that the BP Macondo team fully evaluated ongoing operational risks, nor did i...
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