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Unformatted text preview: ll pipe was sheared using the casing shear ram (“CSR”). 345 DNV found that the shearing of the drill pipe changed the flow pattern within the wellbore. At the BSR, the flow had been through the partially sheared drill pipe; the new path allowed flow up the entire wellbore, starting at the CSR through the 2.8 inch gap along the entire length of the block faces. 3. Automatic Mode Function DNV concluded that it could not rule out the possibility that the BSR was closed through activation of the automatic mode function circuits. 346 DNV found that there was evidence that “conditions necessary for AMF/Deadman (loss of power, communication and hydraulic pressure) existed immediately following the explosion/loss of rig power and prior to ROV intervention.” 347 DNV stated that its function testing demonstrated that the AMF circuits within both pods activated when the loss conditions were simulated. Function testing on the blue DNV Report, Vol. 1 at 5. Id. 347 Id. at 169. Modifications to the BOP st...
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