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Unformatted text preview: hat it wanted to defer maintenance to the upper and lower annulars (parts of the BOP stack) and agreed to accept liability if the lower annular failed prior to the performance of maintenance work. Brett Cocales emailed John Guide on April 15 to discuss “Stuff for Paul [Johnson, rig manager].” Cocales informed Guide that “Paul [Johnson] needed a couple of things from us for the upcoming end of well work list.” The first item Stringfellow testimony at 379. Hay testimony at 205‐06. Transocean was using conditioned based maintenance approach notwithstanding the fact that, in 2006, MMS cited its “extended use of the BOP without inspection/maintenance” as a contributing cause of a 2006 pollution event. MMS recommended that “Annular BOP maintenance should be conducted per Transocean Schedule and criteria to reduce wellbore seal, wear, and damage.” MMS found that Transocean had recommended a maintenance schedule, but the crew had failed to follow it. See http://www.goboemre.gov/homepg/offshore/safety/acc_repo/2006/060212.pdf. 375 TRN‐USCG_MMS‐00096390. 373 374 150 stated, “He needs an email from...
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