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Unformatted text preview: o ensure that Transocean reported that leak in the IADC drilling report. 387 Transocean did not record the leak on the upper annular control hose on the IADC drilling report. 388 BP’s John Guide did not believe the leak on the Hay testimony at 242; Pleasant testimony at 113. In addition, response personnel identified BOP system leaks during efforts to shut the well in. It is not known whether those leaks developed post‐blowout or existed before the blowout and were not identified by the crew. 380 Hay testimony at 193‐194. 381 Id. at 244. 382 Id. at 193, 195. 383 Id. at 193‐194, 196. 384 Id. at 249. 385 Id. at 243. 386 BP’s Daily Operations Reports, 02/23/10 – 03/13/2010. 387 Id. 388 Id. 379 152 lower test ram needed to be reported to MMS because the leak “did not affect the function of the stack.” 389 The leaks identified did not impede the closing ability of the annular or ram preventers. These leaks did require the placement of the BOP controls into the “block/neutral/vent” position in order to stop or slow the hydraulic leak. The Panel concluded that these leaks did not impede the functionality of the BOP stack. M. ROV Interventions Numerous attempts...
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