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Unformatted text preview: ing operations, including permitting, casing requirements, cementing requirements, diverter systems, BOP systems, drilling fluids requirements, equipment testing, and reporting. 398 MMS regulations made clear that lessees, designated operators, and persons actually performing activities on the OCS were “jointly and severally responsible” for complying with any regulation that requires the lessee to meet a requirement or perform an action. 399 A. Permitting Process Prior to drilling a well or sidetracking, bypassing, or deepening a well, the operator had to obtain written approval from MMS. To obtain approval, the operator had to: (a) Submit the information required by 30 CFR § 250.411 through 250.418; (b) Include the well in its approved Exploration Plan (“EP”), Development and Production Plan (“DPP”), or Development Operations Coordination Document (“DOCD”); (c) Meet the oil spill financial responsibility requirements for offshore facilities as required by 30 CFR Part 253; and (d) 43 U.S.C. § 1348(b). See 30 CFR § 250.105. 398 Subpart D applies to lessees, operating rights o...
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