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Unformatted text preview: ed by BP, Halliburton designed the cement slurry, which is a mixture of cement, water and BP‐HZN‐MBI‐00126338. Id. As discussed in detail later in this Report, drilling margin is the difference between the weight of the mud used to drill relative to the pore pressures and the fracture gradient of the formation. Common industry practice is to use a drilling margin of 0.5 ppg mud weight under the fracture gradient. 31 IADC Report 4/19/10. 32 Halliburton Post Job Cement Report, BP‐HZN‐CEC011406. 29 30 20 assorted dry and liquid additives. 33 After BP approved the design, Halliburton began pumping the cement. In addition to cementing, the process of preparing a well for temporary abandonment includes further procedures to secure the well so that the rig’s BOP stack and riser can be removed as the rig prepares to move off the location. BP engineers in Houston developed temporary abandonment procedures (different from the MMS‐approved procedure) for the Macondo well that included the following steps: performing a p...
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