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Unformatted text preview: be a temporary barrier in the well. Gaining, or progressive, gel strengths typically require higher pump pressures to break circulation. 72 ECD is the total effective pressure that a column of drilling mud exerts on a formation as the mud is circulated through the drill string and back up the wellbore, accounting for frictional forces throughout the circulatory system. 32 when using synthetic oil‐based mud. The study stated that “an important aspect that should be addressed when drilling with a synthetic fluid is the peculiarities concerned with well control. Because of the solubility of formation gas in oil‐ based fluids, it could be completely dissolved in the mud at bottom‐hole temperature and pressure conditions, making kick detection very difficult.” 73 The Panel found no evidence that BP and MI‐SWACO discussed whether the use of synthetic oil‐based mud would affect the rig crew’s ability to detect kicks during drilling operations at Macondo. Even so, the Panel found no evidence that the specific mud...
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