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Unformatted text preview: o designing the production casing. For example, on April 14, BP Drilling Engineer Brian Morel emailed a colleague, Richard Miller, about the options. In his email, Morel referred to Macondo as a “nightmare well which has everyone all over the place.” Miller responded to Morel’s email, advising Morel that he had updated his calculations and model, which indicated that both proposals for the production casing design were “fine.” 84 When early cement modeling results suggested that the long string could not be cemented reliably, BP’s design team switched to a liner design. However, on April 13, Morel asked Eric Cunningham, an in‐house BP cementing expert, to review Halliburton’s cementing recommendations and modeling. Cunningham determined that certain cement modeling parameters used by Halliburton should be corrected. The results of the revised modeling caused BP to switch back to the use of a long string as the primary option for the production casing. Ultimately, BP chose to install a long string production casing in the Macondo well instead...
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