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Unformatted text preview: ure through the open choke manifold. 276 The maximum kick volume (kick tolerance) should also be calculated to ensure that gas liberation at reasonable kill rates will not overload the mud gas separator. Prior to the beginning of drilling operations, specific plans must be made and written instructions given to all personnel concerning non‐standard actions/procedures to be performed to prevent or react to any well control problems. 277 The Transocean well control manual provided that “the choke and kill manifold low‐pressure valves must be lined up to direct the flow of the well through the Mud Gas Separator (MGS).” 278 Witness testimony establishes that, at approximately 9:41 p.m., mud from the well began flowing onto the rig floor and the rig crew routed the flow coming from the riser through the diverter system into the mud gas separator. 279 At roughly 9:45 p.m., Stephen Curtis, the assistant driller, called Ezell, the senior toolpusher, to tell him that the well was blowing out, that mud was going into the crown, and that the driller (Anderson) was shutting the well in. 280 Micah Sandell, a crane operator, t...
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