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Unformatted text preview: st. In the case of the Macondo well, the barrier being tested was the cement in the shoe track of the wellbore. BP considered multiple negative test procedures in the days leading up to April 20. Neither BP nor Transocean had pre‐existing negative test standards and procedures. As of April 2010, MMS did not require that operators conduct negative tests, and, consequently, did not specify how such tests should be performed. In an April 18, 2010 email entitled “Negative Test” from Brian Morel to John Guide, Morel briefly explained the negative test to be conducted, stating that the “[p]lan is to do a negative test with base oil on the bottom plug. Then we will displace (a second negative test to greater value will happen) and following that set the cement plug.” 210 Morel then asked Guide: Are you ok with this, or do you think we should remove the first base oil test and just use the displacement as a negative test (shut down at the end and do a flow test)?... I have got different opi...
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