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Unformatted text preview: ust satisfy three conditions. First, the energy that causes particles to be torn free must be sufficient to heat the metal to high temperatures. Softer metals usually deform before they spark. Second, the metal must be able to oxidize and burn easily. Generally, a metal’s sparking temperature is the same as its burning temperature. And third, the metal must have a specific heat that allows it to spark. A metal with a low specific heat will reach a higher temperature for the same amount of energy input. 317 Testimony of Chad Murray, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 27, 2010, at 336. 318 Static Electricity – Guidance for Plant Engineers, Graham Hearn, 2002. 316 123 could not rule out electrostatic discharge as a possible ignition source, but it found no evidence directly supporting this theory. 124 XI. Conclusions on Ignition Source and Explosion The Panel concludes that there were two plausible ignition sources at the time of the bl...
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