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Unformatted text preview: Component Installment Dates B. Control and Power Systems The Deepwater Horizon had a multiplex control system that used both subsea and surface equipment to operate the BOP stack. The control system was designed to operate and monitor the closing mechanisms in the BOP stack. The system used both hydraulic and electrical power to control different elements. The hydraulic power unit located on the Deepwater Horizon provided the hydraulic power fluid that could operate the different functions on the BOP stack and the LMRP. Accumulator bottles both on the surface and subsea provided hydraulic power to the system. The hydraulic power unit and the accumulators had sufficient fluid capacities to be able to operate the various BOP stack functions. 329 As previously noted, this was subsequently converted to a test ram. CAMCG‐ 00000236. These volumes were consistent with API specifications. 328 329 132 The microprocessor‐based control system on the Deepwater Horizon BOP stack received AC power from an uninterruptable power su...
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