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Unformatted text preview: ated: There is a possibility that the shear ram could have been functioned not through the high pressure circuit but through the manifold pressure, which would be 1,500 PSI, and itʹs possible that if that happened, we wouldnʹt have near enough hydraulic force pressure ‐ you could not generate enough force with that pressure to cut the pipe. In fact, itʹs very likely that the pipe would only be dented and not shear all the way through, exposing the ram to the flows that we all have heard about. Itʹs also possible that for whatever reason the hydraulic system wasnʹt up to the game that day and didnʹt have sufficient pressure to close it. It is possible that the solenoid valve, which when tested by DNV in Michoud, operated intermittently, sometimes it wouldnʹt operate at all and other times it would operate for a handful of seconds. And it is possible that if the deadman fired and the solenoid valve did exactly what it did at Michoud, that the ram could have partially deployed and not gone all the way across. 355 Id. Id. at 170. 355 McWhorter testimony at 144‐45. 353 35...
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