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Unformatted text preview: ’s BOP stack. MI‐SWACO, which provides drilling supplies and services worldwide, developed the mud program and provided drilling mud and personnel to operate the Deepwater Horizon rig’s mud system. 17 BP-HZN-MBI-00192559. BP‐HZN‐MBI‐00177777. 19 Id. 18 17 Schlumberger, which provides oil field services throughout the world, provided well logging services for the Macondo well. Sperry Drilling (Sperry‐Sun), a subsidiary of Halliburton that provides drilling data systems and personnel to the drilling industry, equipped the Deepwater Horizon with Sperry data sensors and Sperry mudloggers to monitor and evaluate well condition data. The Deepwater Horizon was also outfitted with Transocean paddle flow meters to monitor flow. Weatherford, which provides a variety of drilling services and components, provided the casing, casing centralizers, and float conversion equipment used on the Deepwater Horizon. D. The Deepwater Horizon The Deepwater Horizon was a deepwater, column‐stabilized, semi‐ submersible DP MODU, designed to drill subsea wells for oil and gas exploration and development. The Deepwater Horizon was built for R&...
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