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Unformatted text preview: might have been activated: (1) on April 20, by the automatic mode function, immediately following loss of communication with the rig; or (2) on April 22, when a remotely operated vehicle triggered the “autoshear” function, which is designed to close the BSR if the lower marine riser package disconnects from the rest of the BOP stack. Regardless of how the BSR was activated, it did not seal the well. A forensic examination of the BOP stack revealed that elastic buckling of the drill pipe had forced the drill pipe up against the side of the wellbore and outside the cutting surface of the BSR blades. As a result, the BSR did not completely shear the drill pipe and did not seal the well. The buckling of the drill pipe, which likely occurred at or near the time when control of the well was lost, was caused by the force of the hydrocarbons blowing out of the well; by the weight of the 5,000 feet of drill pipe located in the riser above the BOP forcing the drill pipe down into the BOP stack; or by a combination of both. As a result of the failure of the BSR to comp...
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