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Unformatted text preview: sing the following process: A drilling rig moves on the location of the well. Many rigs operating in deepwater are “dynamically‐positioned,” which means that they are not moored to the seafloor but instead hold their position over the well through a combination of satellite technology and directional thruster activity. The Deepwater Horizon was a dynamically‐positioned rig. The rig lowers drill pipe (also known as a drill string) with a drill bit attached to its end. The drill bit bores into the sea floor and the subsea formation to make a hole. That hole is referred to as the wellbore. The rig installs, or “sets,” a large‐diameter pipe known as “casing” into the wellbore to establish a barrier between the wellbore and the surrounding formation and to ensure that continued drilling does not result in the collapse of the wellbore. The initial casing that is set in the wellbore is called “conductor” casing. The rig then uses the “marine riser” or “riser,” which is a large pipe that surrounds the drill pi...
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