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Unformatted text preview: equired 1,825‐day inspection, which should have been done in 2005 for the VBR bonnets. According to Transocean’s subsea items scheduled to be worked on during the 2011 shipyard visit, they were scheduled to “replace or rebuild all 6 bonnets on pipe rams.” 368 3. “Condition Based” Monitoring and Maintenance In testimony, Transocean personnel articulated an approach to BOP stack maintenance that they referred to as “condition based monitoring” or “condition based maintenance.” Transocean subsea superintendant, William Stringfellow, described this approach as follows: Again, we use condition‐based monitoring, and we look at [API] RP 53 as a recommended practice. Using our condition‐based monitoring and testing of our systems, we can determine what kind of condition those BOPs are actually in. And we have history to back this up through – we’ve actually pulled BOPs down within this time frame and there not be Fry testimony at 46. TRN‐USCG_MMS‐00097144. 368 TRN‐USCG_MMS‐00096390. 366 367 148 anything wrong with them. You put new seals in them, you put them back together, and they’re goo...
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