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Unformatted text preview: ctice is to circulate the hole a minimum volume of one bottoms‐up once casing is on bottom. As discussed in detail above, BP only partially circulated the Macondo well prior to cementing. 145 1. Halliburton’s Primary Cementing Best Practices Consistent with API RP 65, Halliburton’s internal cementing best practices document also advises that full well circulation be performed prior to cementing, that lighter weight fluid be used in the rat hole, and that adequate centralization be installed in the well. Halliburton also recommends that, to improve the probability of success in the primary cementing job, “[t]he best mud displacement under optimum rates is achieved when annular tolerances are approximately 1.5 to 2.0 inches.” As discussed above, the annular tolerance on the Macondo well was only ¾ inches for the production casing. Halliburton’s best practices document also addresses gas flow potential. It states: Although gas flow may not be apparent at surface, it may occur between zones, which can damage the cement job and eventually lead to cas...
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